Wendat kwawennontahkwih « We all speak wendat, we have the voice of the wendat nation »


This website was created by employees of the CDFM Huron-Wendat:

• Project management: Julie B. Vincent

• Coordination of the project: Megan Lukaniec, Josée Dion and Marcel Godbout

• Linguist (reconstruction and standardization of linguistic data): Megan Lukaniec

• Writing, correction and translation of texts: Megan Lukaniec, Josée Dion, Marcel Godbout, Nancy Laveau, Josée Dumont, Julie-Christine Lainey and Arakwa Sioui

• Lessons and exercises development: Arakwa Sioui

• Sound recordings: Arakwa Sioui and Louis-Karl Picard-Sioui

• Image research and collection: Andrée Levesque

• Coding of multimedia files: Arakwa Sioui, Andrée Levesque and Megan Lukaniec

This project was made possible through the Aboriginal Languages Initiative (ALI), a component of the Aboriginal Peoples’ Program from the government of Canada.

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o CDFM Huron-Wendat. “[Name of page]”. 2017. Wendat Language Site, [URL]. Accessed [DATE].

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o [ENTRY]. (n.d.) In the Wendat Online Dictionary. Retrieved from [URL for entry].

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